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Photos of Channel V Veejay Lisa S

In this photo you can see gorgeous Channel V veejay Lisa S. Also seen with Lisa S are actress Amanda Strang and Celina Ma. Lisa S is a Channel V veejay as well as a international model.Apart from being veejay and model she also acted three Hong Kong based movies Silver Hawk (2004), Rob-B-Hood (2006)

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Salman Khan Personal Life Photos

We are posting this photo as part of celebrities personal life photo collection. In this photo you can see Salman Khan personally getting involved in social service. This photo is taken when he visited Fortis! Like this

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Sunny Leone Photos – Laila Le Legi Song

As part of our continuous effort of posting hot and sexy photos of sexy actresses we have posted this photo of hot Sunny Leone in song ‘Laila Le Legi’. This is a very good item song in movie ‘Shootout at Wadala&#

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Celebrities Family Photos – Rochelle Rao with her Brother and Sister

Posting this photo as part of Indian Celebrities family photo collection. In this photo you can see IPL (Indian Premier League) 6 host Rochelle Rao with brother Fritz David Rao and her model cum actor sister Paloma Rao. Hit LIKE! Some other interesting photos… Dramebaaz Photos – Sonali, Anurag and Vivek Photos of Saraswatichandra –

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Real Life Pictures – Salman Khan with his Family

This photo is posted as part of celebrities real life pictures. In this photo you can see our Dabangg Salman Khan sitting happily with his family. Hit Like to share with your friends!

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