Here is how different actors think about playing the death scene or the dead body role:

Bhairavi Raichuria who played Anandi’s mother role in Balika Vadhu in her own words expressed “Pyre scenes are tough on relatives and friends who feel it is too much. But I didn’t take it seriously, as I found the whole thing funny”.

Rohit Khurana, Vansh of Uttaran says “It was my first death scene. I was nervous about having to die convincingly. Death scenes take a lot of energy as you have to pretend to be unable to breathe or choke. My mom and grandma cried a lot after watching my death scene.”.

Vineet Raina talking about his death scene of Mayaka serial he says “In Mayaka, my earlier show, I had a funeral scene when my character (Veer) died, and my mom and dad got really disturbed.”. Post this he decided as a policy won’t do funeral scene and the producers of Punar Vivaah had to manage his character Prashant’s death without going for funeral scene.

Producer Rajan Shahi while talking about Sadhana’s (Sara Khan) death scene of Bidaai he said “We show marriages and festivals on TV, why not death? Actors spend more time on the sets than with their family. So when Sara’s (Khan) character Sadhana was killed, co-stars Angad (Hasija) and Alok (Nath) were actually crying since Sara was leaving the show. In reality, Sara had said goodbye to the unit. It felt like an actual death.”

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