If you are wondering where is your dear Krishna (Arhaan Behl) here is the answer. Arhaan Behl is all set to host a reality show called ‘Fear Factor…Khatron Se Takkar’ this show will be telecast on Big RTL Thrill, you can expect its first episode sometime in March.

Reliance Broadcast Network’s business head Sunil Kumaran believes Arhaan Behl’s inclusion will add lot

Arhaan Behl

Arhaan Behl

of value, he said “With Arhaan hosting ‘Fear Factor…Khatron Se Takkar’, we enhance the Indian flavour in our international content. We are confident of him hitting it off with audiences from the start and are excited about the avenues that it opens for audiences and marketers.”

I am excited to see Arhaan back on TV are you excited??

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