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Kaali is a newly launched Star Plus serial. It is aired from Monday to Friday at 11 pm. This is a show with a difference, Kaali Ek Agnipariksha is a tale of a simple girl and a powerful man. Rachana (played by Swati Kapoor) is a girl with big dreams who is sure to make a mark in Badminton one day. Rachana’s cousin, Anu is her best friend. Rachana’s happy family faces disaster when they come in contact with a powerful man called Thakral the Bahubali of Ghaziabad.

Following is the star cast of Star Plus serial Kaali. Here is the complete actors names list of the serial Kaali.

Character name: Rachana
Real name: Swati Kapoor
Role: Female lead, Swati Kapoor plays the role of Rachana. The story of Kaali revolves around Rachana who is a very good badminton player and recently shown as winning inter school championship. That championship changed her life as she came into the eyes of Thakral. Thakral develops bad intentions and eventually plans and rapes her. Now the story is going to revolve around how Rachana (Swati Kapoor) takes revenge.

Character name: Thakral
Real name: Ashutosh Rana
Role: The story of Kaali required a strong villain and who can be better villain than Ashutosh Rana. Ashutosh Rana plays the role of great villain Thakral. Everyone who have watched even a bit of bollywood knows Ashutosh Rana. He have acted in around 35 movies which includes hits like Ghulam, Raaz and Karz. He have also acted in quite a few TV serials including popular serial Swabhimaan.

Character name: Anu
Real name: Neha Sharma
Role: Anu is the best friend of Rachana and Anu is also a very good badminton player. Anu and Rachana play together, workout together and complement each other very well.

Character name: Diwakar Pandey
Real name: Waqar Sheikh
Role: Diwakar Pandey is the SP of Ghaziabad area in Kaali TV Show. He is serious and committed to his duty.

Character name: Sutradhar (Narrator)
Role: Rachana’s Mother the Narrator of Rachna’s story was a very calm natured female, very much like Mr. Mehta character. She is shown as dead but feeling the pains of her daughter and praying for her.

Character name: Jhanvi
Real name: Praneeta Sahu
Role: Thakral’s family. Praneeta Sahu plays the role of Jhanvi the daughter of Thakral. She is shown as girl of today. Before this Praneeta Sahu has acted in Do Hanson Ka Jodaa (which got over recently) of NDTV Imagine.

Real name: Karuna Pandey
Role: Thakral’s family. Jhanvi’s mother and Thakral’s wife. Karuna Pandey is a veteran actor who have acted in many movies and shows.

Character name: Raaghav
Real name: Gaurav Bajpai
Role: Raaghav is a military guy who follows a lot of protocol when he comes face to face with the civilians. He is a nice and decent guy who develops an immediate rapport with Anu. Anu who had been eager to meet him, is now aghast after witnessing the brutal act on Rachna. She is burdened with those thoughts and does not reciprocate well with Raaghav initially. Also Raaghav’s a witness to an incident after which he believes that Thakral is a very good guy. However, Anu who has seen the dark side of Thakral, believes that he needs to be punished. This differing thought process between Raaghav and Anu will create problems in their relationship.

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Photos of Serial Kaali:

kaali Serial Photos

kaali Serial Photos