Following is the cast of Star Plus serial Tere Liye

Sarju Tere Mere Sapne

Sarju Tere Mere Sapne

Character name: Sarju
Role: Sarju is a simple, honest small-town boy who is down-to-earth and wants to do something in life to make my parents feel proud of me. He is the youngest son of Shambhu Mallah and Ramdei.

Radha Tere Mere Sapne

Radha Tere Mere Sapne

Character name: Radha
Role: Radha is the main female character of Tere Mere Sapne serial. She has a certain naïveté about her that along with her daredevil attitude and makes her very attractive.

Character name: Shambhu Malla
Role: He is a mallah (kahaar) by Caste a low caste simple villager. He and his family toil the land of the landlords in this village. It’s only after the revolution of seventies Jai Prakash movement that they got the same land allotted in their name and became the owner of the same fields they toiled in.

Character name: Ramdei
Role: Ramdei has been introduced as the wife of Shambhu Mallah in Tere Mere Sapne TV serial. A hard working woman who till date does not shy away from physical labour,holds the family reins in her hand.

Character name: Kesoo
Role: Kesoo has played the character of elder brother of Sarju in Tere Mere Sapne on Star Plus. He is about 24-25 years old. He is very responsible guy towards his family

Character name: Laachi
Role: The pretty but bitter wife of Kesoo, laachi is a woman carrying any contradictions in her. She carries many contradictions with her. Unable to bear a child for the family in the three years of marital life, she fears losing her importance in the family and hence keeps creating a ruckus.

Character name: Jamuna
Role: Jamuna is the younger sister of Sarju in Tere Mere Sapne on Star Plus. She adores both Kesoo & Sarju but relates more to Sarju and is often a part of his pranks.

Real name: Kalua
Role: Kalua is the best childhood friend of Sarju in Tere Mere Sapne.Together they have learnt to swim in the river, have played pranks on unsuspecting villagers and had a good laugh about it later,together they have explored adolescence and even women.

Real name: Babban Hajjam
Role: The only barber shared in the three –four villages. He is shared only in three or four villages.He gets attention by all AND carries news from one to other.

Real name: Lala
Role: Lala is the wealthiest & cleverest person in the village. He is smart guy of the village. He is a real smart guy who knows how to fool the poor farmers into buying grains at peanut rates & sell them at the market at exorbitant rates.

Character name: Budhai
Real name: Budhai has been introduced as happy and prosperous in Tere Mere Sapne TV serial. He had many acres of fertile land and they were a happy and prosperous happy farmer family.

Character name: Imli
Role: Imli has played the character of Budhai’s 2nd wife daughter in Tere Mere Sapne on Star Plus. Imli is still unmarried (even when most of the girls her age, are awaiting their gauna) it is because of the rumours about her mother being of dubious character that no one is willing to accept her as a bahu.

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