On the day after Shweta Tiwari winning Bigg Boss season 4 beating the big oppositions like Great Khali and Dolly Bindra, some questions are being raised. One main question that is being asked is did she made janta emotional about her being a single mother and made people emotional by repeatedly talking about her daughter and how important is the prize money for her and by saying that she will use all the money to give better life and education to her daughter.

Later Shweta defended herself by saying “I never said it, everyone in the house used to say that Shweta is a single mother and she needs this money. I’m not so weak that I will use my daughter to win. I am capable enough that even if I would have not won this, I would have been able to take good care of her”.

Also there were allegations that throughout the show Shweta Tiwari was very diplomatic and careful than any other contestant.

But in a poll I put yesterday after the finale of Bigg Boss, 100% of my readers voted in favor of Shweta Tiwari. So does it mean all the allegations are just to defame Shweta Tiwari? Yes this is today’s question of my blog.

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Shweta Tiwari - the winner of Bigg Boss 4