Welcome to TV Serials Online, in this post I have put first episode of hit Sun TV prime time serial Chellamay. Chellamay is a star packed serial which has Raadhika Sarathkumar (Chellamma ) as leading protagonist. Other leading actors of this serial are Radha Ravi (Kadarkarai), Delhi Ganesh (Thavasi), and Sonia (Kalaivani). Chellamay is yet another venture of Radaan Mediaworks.

This video that I am posting online is part of the series of serials videos I am planning to post.

The story of Chellamay revolves around Chellamma who struggles to manage her family. Chellama not only takes care of the entire family and also plays a vital role in developing the hotel business. Thavasi tries to destroy her family & business, with his intellectual deeds. Chellama acts a rock center & protects her family. Chellama faces so many hurdles in her life yet she deals every problem with her elegant panache & resolves it. Chellama’s struggle to withhold her family & run the business successfully against Thavasi’s plans forms the tapestry of this mega series.

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